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Eloncity targets the energy market with a blockchain solution. Climate change and the subsequent advent of renewable energy sources have changed energy production. Instead of large, centralized plants for the production of nuclear and fossil energy, more and more decentralized wind and solar power plants come into play, at the same time many electricity consumers start to produce their own energy and change from generation to generation. Consumers, producers and consumers of energy.

Improved battery storage systems (BESS) allow small power producers to better meet their own energy needs and to interact with the grid in the event of a lack of renewable energy production. This new energy system requires a new solution. Eloncity believes Blockchain technology is a great way to meet the challenges of the new energy market.

Over the years, the network has experienced many centralized disasters and many losses have been recorded during the year. The generation and distribution of energy therefore requires new approaches. The chain of blocks and energy is inextricably linked because today there are difficulties in distributing clean energy. The economy of marking and blocking technology is almost the only way to solve this problem. However, not all block projects can handle this task.

The prices that energy companies charge consumers increase and put consumers under financial pressure. In fact, the trading system can not solve this problem and make prices more market-oriented.

Here came Eloncity to solve this problem. Eloncity is a distributed energy infrastructure for millions of autonomous microenergy systems. The energy price will be transparent for everyone. People can use eloncity technology to make electricity virtually free and affordable anywhere in the world. In summary, one of the goals of the project is to reduce the cost of local electricity relative to the prices of grid electricity in order to exploit market efficiency to increase the use of electricity storage systems. Lower energy and costs. local power consumption.

: Goals  of  ELONCITY:

ELONCITY is a plan that is not new in the global energy industry, but its founders want to use block technology to access targets. They plan to develop a centralized energy system consisting of tons of self-sufficient microgrid. Power will be producing and assigning networks all the time. Such a system, with absolute clarity of the cost system, will directly compete with existing energy supply systems. Everyone can freely use the power generation platform.

The main objective of ELONCITY is to solve the global problem that affects everything without expectations. The founders of the idea are trying to replace the usual energy systems with an electrical network infrastructure consisting of many independent micro-networks. In this way, clean energy from renewable sources will be available on a regular basis.

This will reduce the imbalance in the supply and demand of renewable energy sources, which has been a real problem in recent years. People around the world are facing the economic and political challenges of fossil decline and the challenges of producing renewable energy.

ELONCITY developers have invented the use of block technology to solve energy problems and reap the benefits of the whole community. The plan can promote free digital energy and offer affordable and green energy to the world.


: The main feature of the ELONCITY project:

A platform of blocks that offers open and protected energy exchange in the community. The unitary platform also allows the ELONCITY community to find a verifiable database to track the sources of the energy age group within the community, which are free energy or fossil greenhouse gases.

An intelligent grid energy storage system implemented in customer premises to harmonize low energy demand.

Community or customer-based renewable age groups, such as As solar modules, as well as the networked intelligent battery storage system can meet all local energy requirements.

A collaborative DC power system that utilizes DC renewable energy more efficiently by minimizing the continuous conversion losses from AC to DC to AC.

Community-based implementation and planning will be a sustainable success for Community trade in the future of sustainable and renewable energy. For the reason that society and children must live with this future power, it is imperative that society has encouraged participatory parties to define and develop a new future of power.

It is important to mobilize the wealth of the retail market in order to promote large scale acceptance of centralized renewable energy. The company will participate in the establishment of revolving credit funds with business partners, GOVT agencies and many other key stakeholders. The objective of the revolving credit line is that start-up capital expenditures in communities that do not have access to this type of funding are essential. Basic performance plans will demonstrate their benefits by providing a genuine and significant expense to settle initial credit.


How does it work?

The project will produce equipment for the production and storage of clean energy. Users can sell extra energy at peak times. Therefore, the developers want to motivate a large number of people and

institutions to invest in energy storage systems. In addition, a system was developed to encourage users. For every megawatt of clean energy, you can earn 16 ECT chips as a reward. Therefore, the developers want to motivate a large number of people and institutions to invest in energy storage systems.

Eloncity has decided to open a range of scientific and technical methods to encourage manufacturers around the world to work together to develop and manufacture distributed energy solar storage systems, the same energy storage system, conversion and energy conversion kits. They will also expand and open the system and blocks of the trading system to calculate fair prices. The community will be able to set up an independent trading system based on the group system and use AI to reduce cases of customs arbitration.


:Eloncity team members:


:Eloncity Adviser Board :


:Roadmap :


:Conclusion :

The project has many years of experience in the field of engineering and technology research. Today Andy Lee and his company intends to restructure the modern global energy system with billions of dollars of blocking technology. , The founder is the technical director of China Cache and a computer scientist at Alibaba Cloud. so that people can use environmentally friendly and cost-effective power sources in the future. It will focus on the mass transformation transformation to proliferate Eloncity model on all selected global markets. More information will be provided in the next White Paper on the Eloncity and Eloncity website.


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