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ELYQD is an ecosystem-based ecosystem market that will serve as a framework for the entire steam industry. It will reducing the cost of doing businessand simplify the buying process.


Basic Information

Token Name : LYQD

Token Sale : 60,000,000 LYQD

Token Price : 0.015 USD

Platform : Ethereum

Token Supply – 100,000,000 LYQD

Hard Cap – 15,000,000 USD

Soft cap – 2,000,000 USD

Token Distribution :

60% – token sale

25% – Marketing

20% – Operations

5% – Legal

Block Chain :

The distributed distribution chain ensures the transparency and complete verification of each transaction, including detailed product characteristics, pricing structure, relevant sales conditions and the profiles considered by the parties for sale. The eLYQD ecosystem will be implemented on the Ethereum platform.

Of equals :

The principle of peer-to-peer interaction within eLYQD allows all participants a direct interaction. This eliminates the costs associated with intermediaries. The price of a product or service is completely passed on to the manufacturer.

Utility token:

The function of the token rewards users for the active use of the ecosystem and contributions to its development (rewards are different types of cryptocurrencies, loyalty, promotions).

Arbitration :

In the case of a dispute between the buyer and the seller, an arbitration board is available. We encourage sellers to choose an arbitrator as it increases buyer confidence and the likelihood of buying. If both parties contest a transaction, the seller pays the chairman of the custodian bank. For buyers, arbitration is always free.

Reputation system:

Each seller and buyer will receive a reputation value based on their behavior during each transaction. Users with a low or negative reputation value can be filtered to protect other users against fraud and wasting time.

Fiat payments:

Ether, like all crypto currencies, is volatile and changes daily in value against national currencies such as the dollar and the euro. ELYQD develops an integrated payment system that works like the ether, but is converted into currency in a ratio of 1: 1. After all, the items can have a price in a local currency and you know exactly how much you spend or receive a payment.

Online Market :

Every year, the number of people who regularly shop online is growing. According to Nielsen’s (Ecommerce Global Report) marketing study, which concentrates on the consumer goods industry’s marketing efforts, the number of online shoppers is increasing by an average of 16% each year, reaching 1.66 billion today. everyone. Global e-commerce is a growing industry that poses enormous challenges to the world of traditional distribution channels. For many consumers, especially in industrialized countries, e-commerce has become the best option for shopping, which jeopardizes the existence of traditional stationary retailing. It also generates big waves in emerging markets, especially as ecommerce stores can easily hit the market. There are more than 1,500 million customers in online markets around the world.

Steam products – dynamics:

The perception of liquids and electronic devices by end users is changing worldwide. In the market for steam-based products, the desire of end users around the world to stop smoking is growing as more people die from smoking, respiratory and heart disease. This trend, coupled with ongoing innovations in liquid and electronic equipment, is driving large tobacco companies to focus on developing these products.


The fact that third parties are needed for online shopping opens the door to surveillance, as somebody with financial information can always be used in one way or another. This is the case for customers and merchants who require payment processing, such as PayPal or credit card companies. In addition, the platform used for the sale itself will gather more information and will likely house the products and shops of thousands of dealers. The involvement of these third parties has undermined the privacy we enjoy in simple cash transactions.


After starting the project, manufacturers and consumers have access to basic features. The manufacturer can offer his articles through the general catalog by dividing them into relevant categories and by creating an autonomous online shop. The manufacturer can adjust a discount system. Once the required fields on the main page and the catalog are completed, the manufacturer’s store will be available to place orders.

Consumer :

Consumers are individuals or businesses who want to buy online steam products at lower prices. Orders can be placed through the eLYQD website, the eLYQD app, or custom apps sourced from app reference manufacturers.

Implementation Customer roles include:

  • Search for products listed, ordered and paid for by manufacturers
  • Participation in requests for comments
  • Receive awards, loyalty, referrals and comments

What Makes Our Marketplace Different?


Developing New Products One of the biggest benefits manufacturers get when they move on to ELYQD is the amount of information they receive. This information comes with the need to know your customers with what they expect from the best brands. Your customers will be looking exclusively for a new level of localized and orderly offerings.

MerchandisingLYQD is also supplied with a number of inventory marketing resources. We will: organize your inventory planning and sales optimization; Explain how this affects your inventory replenishment operations; Integrate and start your systems to easily manage the execution of all transactions.

Compliance If the traditional wholesale order is massive and less frequent, direct trade with the consumer means a much higher adjustment and a fraction of the amount. eLYQD has an order processing system to manage new compliance procedures and offers advanced shipping options for worldwide shipping.

User Experience The brand’s biggest leap from wholesale to eLYQD is to create an attractive experience for the customer. In order to attract their customers, they must offer a highly individual and unique experience that encourages buyers to buy directly from them rather than from the branded retail stores.

ELYQD business advantage:

eLYQD Business Advantage adapts to the business goals of the manufacturer. It’s about winning the eyes of your ideal buyer in the areas they serve, turning visitors into potential customers, tracking the performance of monthly campaigns, turning subscribers into shoppers, and inspiring customers to promote their brand. We constantly analyze what’s going on to continually improve the branding strategy and get more done for your production dollars. The dedicated .LYQD Digital Marketing team is more than your usual account manager. Our team supports the brand throughout the process, driving business growth and improving performance. We will collect annual perspectives and tactical plans from manufacturers in integrated campaigns with weekly summaries, monthly performance reports, and quarterly reviews. Say goodbye to unpredictable and inconsistent sales and welcome the business advantage of ELYQD.

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