Eminent ICO Full Review | Fuel For The BeepBeep Nation App

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Eminent ico review

The EMINENT token fuels the BeepBeep kingdom cell app for each iOS and Android. BeepBeep country is an all-in-one answer for users to resolve their every day troubles right away, by allowing them to help each other out when assistance is urgently required. It does this with the aid of facilitating the relationship between someone wanting help (“requestor”) and the character supplying the help (“helper”). From getting the today’s, freshest information from actual people in precise locations, to getting rides or locations to stay in from human beings in unique locations who don’t mind helping out their fellow customers, to getting quick help in cases of misery along with humans with a medical emergency or folks that are lacking a member of the family or puppy at that moment and desiring help to discover them quickly, and greater – BeepBeep nation makes the requesting and provision of any kind of help the maximum green and effective they may be.

Helpers who provide their time, competencies and know-how to requestors upon being requested certainly have excessive high quality features. Requestors can ship Gratitude hints to their helpers with the aid of simply tapping a unmarried button, with no need to recognize the helpers’ public key to their e-pockets, once assist are rendered with the aid of the helpers. this saves the requestors from having to request for the Helpers’ QR code, or public key address, or on-line banking info.


This ICO is only for non-US citizens.

BeepBeep – A Decentralized assisting economic system

BeepBeep state takes the sharing economic system another step in addition, by means of creating a assisting economic system. It no longer best makes efficient use of idle property or talents, but our customers can also provide them as a way to help other customers, without a expectation of any praise in return. BeepBeep nation is a place-based peer-to-peer (P2P) cell app that connects a assist requester and a assist company.

A requester sends out a request and a helper can reply as a consequence to the requester’s request. Helpers can country their interest to assist the requestor and the requester can select from the multiple interested helpers for the assist he needs based totally on a few standards. relying on the nature of the assist requested, the request will be dispatched to a radius of between 1km – 5km of the vicinity unique by the requestor.

BeepBeep country will best rate requestors a nominal charge for soliciting for help from its customers, for our different users to realize of their request for assist. This request price is simply a usage charge and is not depending on the scope of the assist to be rendered via the helper.

 : price Of Gratitude pointers :

within the occasion there’s a dispute between a requestor and helper after charge has been made, this quantity may be clawed lower back and lower back to the requestor if it’s far determined the helper is at fault. This determination could be made with the aid of a struggle resolution committee which includes BeepBeep customers themselves who’re randomly assigned to act as the jury to kind the problem out via their votes on BeepBeep kingdom. users’ public keys will also be made non-public, and payment settlements are facilitated via the BeepBeep nation app with a unmarried tap of a button by means of the requestor.



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struggle resolution :

customers might be randomly selected to decide disputes between requestors and helpers, in exchange for rewards. only users with high ratings and confirmed fame will be chosen for this undertaking. a group of customers, as much as five, depending on the nature of the help, will be selected on every occasion a dispute is raised, and the selection in resolving the dispute will be made on a mean of the selection of the jury, based totally at the ratings they have. The higher the rankings,

the greater weight they have got in phrases of the final results. 20% of the transaction size will visit the reward of the jury, and this praise will be deducted from the stake of the celebration at fault in the transaction in query.

profitable pro users :

The top tier 5% of verified customers will be rewarded with EMN cash on a ordinary foundation, based at the number of requests sent out, and the variety of requests they reply to.

Referral Program:

loose credits will be rewarded to first time customers and when they refer a new person to join up.

Transactions can be settled within the form of EMN tokens and are accomplished between the events themselves. that is a shape of escrow and secured payment method. within the occasion there’s a dispute among a requestor and helper, this amount may be clawed back and returned to the requestor if it is decided the helper is at fault.









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