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The Blockchain-based Marketplace of Professionals Professional conduct and information is worth billions to organizations. Is there any good reason why professionals shouldn’t be made up for this? Pre-deal Ongoing. Buy in for refreshes

What Is Current Professional Ecosystem Problem :

In the present proficient biological community, organizations are compelled to pay a lot of money to selecting and social offering “middle people”, who target contacts however give practically no immediate incentive to the expert. For what reason should experts do all the work while delegates receive every one of the rewards?

How Profede arrangement This Problem ?

Experts ought to have control over who can get their expert information and how others can utilize it. Our decentralized proficient biological community causes you get adjusted for your information, making delegates pointless.

Profede is the up and coming age of expert information security. Because of blockchain, you can make certain your information is secured.

Experts Make Money :

Rather than the delegates, experts will be the ones who are genuinely repaid each time a business connects with them.

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Private Data

Your expert information is just your business. In the event that some individual needs to contact you they should pay the value set by you.

Proficient administration

Proficient administration organizations can pay to access pitch to a leader, who can profit to be pitched at. You will have the capacity to set your cost in tokens relying upon how open you need to be and your data will be approved by the network, giving you validity and reliability. Besides, you will be paid once you have traded your information.

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