Trade Pharma Network (TXP) ICO Review || The New Pharma-Centric Marketplace

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The Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform is powered by a robust artificial intelligence algorithm for the efficient and digital search for a combination of key players and the imaginable future of any physical medicine with a digital history that enables it to trace and verify its origin. Features and properties to effectively counter counterfeit medicines in Europe and around the world. Therefore, a business model based on the following three main principles, I will write:

The First I’ve Read The core technology is based on private, public and hybrid blockchain networks that provide transparency to this multi-billion dollar industry. Trade Pharma Network through state-of-the-art distributed applications that help you break the industry’s beliefs. Its goal is to change the world for the better, thanks to a large distributed accounting technology without restrictions due to unlimited access from outside your network.

The latter employs artificial intelligence based technology consisting of powerful algorithms that require state-of-the-art Mach learning and a good amount of data compared to today’s conventional machine learning algorithms. This artificial intelligence allows programmatic targeting and digital matching between supply and demand with a personal touch.

Then, the third is the most important service for drug trade and this platform is associated with importers and distributors distributors, drug manufacturers, wholesalers, hospitals and pharmacies, businesses and non-profit partners in Europe and even in the whole world. , Online transactions between all parties are simple and effective.

Tablets Design (TD)

Did you know that Trade Pharma Network helps pharmaceutical and healthcare companies market safe and effective medicines to increase transparency and confidence in the supply chain process and drug counterfeiting products?

The following is in the resources of Trade Pharma Network:

Wholesalers and distributors of medicines (Europe and worldwide) can grow your business by competing with important things. The team supports authentic high quality products with attention to their customers.

IMPORTERS AND MEDICAL DISTRIBUTION PARTNERS (Europe only) involve their customers or suppliers with real-time collaborative real-time information and data from key stakeholders across the supply chain.

HOSPITAL AND PHARMACEUTICAL DISTRIBUTION (EUROPE AND EVERYONE) The Trade Pharma Network platform is compatible with authentic quality products that are carefully manufactured for your patients.

MANUFACTURERS OF MEDICINAL PRODUCTS (EUROPE AND EVERYONE) Companies dedicated to giving priority to your customers so that they act more proactively in terms of exports and imports.

NO BENEFICIARIES (EUROPE AND THE WORLD) Businesses should also provide charitable organizations with creative benefits for philanthropic and charitable work based on medicine.

COMMERCIAL PARTNERS (EUROPE AND THE WORLD) The question is: Are you trying to strengthen your work with AI and Blockchain-sponsored solutions? The strategic partnership is at the heart of the growth plan.

What follows is the mission of the PHARMA trade :

1.) The Trade Pharma team believes that innovation and creativity in drug trafficking and pharmacy services can make a difference for anyone, with the aim of creating a reliable and innovative industrial market for pharmaceuticals, pharmaceutical professionals and exchanges from medical care and a range of services used in the best interest of the patient. And also for the preparation of tomorrow with a different vision based on the latest technologies such as AI, Blockchain, 3D printing and IoT.

2.) It is their job to give creative importers and distributors, pharmaceutical manufacturers, wholesalers, hospital pharmacies, pharmacies, non-profit organizations and trading partners an advantage over their customers or suppliers. Trade Pharma also helps them to reduce the complexity and cost of the business transaction process and to ensure that all these activities take place in an environment of trust and artificial intelligence. The team has always made sure everything went well and everyone was happy.





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