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WeiDex is a foreign exchange market that does not rely on a third party service to obtain the client’s assets. Instead, the exchange takes place directly between the users (point-to-point) via an automated process called Smart Contract. #WeiDex is a decentralized #exchange with all functions (DEX). It guarantees maximum security, total transparency and open source logic. The central idea behind the decentralized exchange is the abolition of the third.

Main features of WeiDex –

Multiple orders:

They want to give you the best and easiest way to act. They gave life to the fulfillment of the multiple orders! This means that you can configure an order to perform as many transactions as are required to settle for a single transaction. This has never been done in another decentralized #exchange. This is a feature that saves all users time and money.


Low registration rate:

They are open to #blockchain tokens. They have an excellent technical team so that they can list new chips within 24 hours of their request and at a really low price. If you have a new chip, do not hesitate to contact the team!


Token Aerial Photos:

When they list a new token, they charge a fee to the creators of the token. With this symbolic rate, they offer our loyal customers a new introduction of new chips.



They will use largely decentralized exchange and the main method of cryptoactive transfer. His vision is to provide the best customer service, from the user interface and usability to ease of use and performance. They will create a big and strong community with courageous dreams, because the main task to realize the dream is to develop a decentralized technology for inter-channel transactions.

Market opportunities:

In January 2015, over 500 different types of cryptocurrencies were available. It is important to note that only a few had a market limit of more than $ 10 million. In September 2017, the number of cryptomonnies rose to 1,100 and the total order limit reached a record $ 60 billion in December 2017. The total market reached $ 600 billion, or a multiple of 10 in about two months. In 2017, the market for #cryptocurrency reached around $ 600 billion

Experts have predicted that it will inevitably reach 700 billion. Although many financial skeptics predict that the cryptocurrency will fail in 2017, the value of the mother of all cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, has risen by about 2000%.

Approach to the problem

Cryptocurrency seems to be the latest technological trend many investors have been focusing on lately. The cryptocurrency market also faces its own challenges and challenges due to the nature of the market and the fact that it uses #blockchain technology, a decentralized approach and a platform. The challenges of exchanging cryptocurrencies have been a significant setback for the industry’s growth and this shows why the market has not yet been globally accepted. Low liquidity, poor market regulation, lengthy compliance process and complex integration are some of the challenges

Plague of cryptocurrencies. Financial institutions and the banking sector are benefiting from these factors and the government is planning to legalize digital currencies.

Our technology:

They have many advantages over centralized exchanges. Most concern security, confidentiality, availability and transparency. They also have advantages over other existing decentralized exchanges:

★Reference system program

★ Low rate

★Compliance with multiple orders

★ Airdrop tokens

★Transactions between channels


Referral system:

Invite a friend and 20% of your change fees go into your wallet. The number of people you invite determines the amount of bonuses you receive. This is a commonly used strategy. We hope this number, if it has a good number of users, grows exponentially with the reference system. This feature is fully supported by the Smart Agreement, and this type of referral bonus has never been implemented in other remote exchanges.

Roadmap –

weiDex exchange beta is going to be live soon…


-Know more about WeiDex at-

Website : Whitepaper



Article Writer : Nurunnobi  Badol



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